Maggot BSF Decomposers of Organic Waste

Do you know? There is one little animal that can solve all of these organic waste problems! The name of this animal is the black army fly or its cool name is Black Soldier Fly (BSF). Well, different from most of its species which are identical as disease carriers, this BSF actually has many benefits, one of which is to decompose organic waste.

Where Maggot’s Form ?

Black Soldier Fly (BSF) is a species that is different from other types of flies on earth. This black soldier fly which has the Latin name Hermetia illucens is a type of fly that is clean among about 800 fly species. BSF is very fond of light and can rarely be found in residential areas, because they generally live in plantation areas. When in the phase of becoming an adult fly, BSF only drinks and does not need food. Because of this habit, BSF is considered a type of fly that is clean and does not carry pathogens or disease sources.

Rich of Biomaterials

Lipids Proteins



Cosmetics Amino acids Cosmetics Hormon
Food & Feed Additives Antimicrobial peptides

Wound Healing

Soil Amendemen
Biofuels Shrimp feed Medicine Manure

Kompis Farm & Research


At Kompis we use fresh fruit waste as the main food source for our maggots. We also conducted research on the use of other food sources such as palm oil cake and coconut starch, where the results of the protein content of these maggot animals showed different variations. On top of that, our productions baseline is categorized into 4 major output in order to penetrate commercial market.



Kompis is rapidly growing from digitalize waste management process to enhance the living of BSF cycle in order to fasten the decompost process and also explore new essence that maggot can produce. We merge both local wisdom, technology and market trend to produce Brand New Product for all.