Name of Kompis is taken from Swedish which have meaning as ‘friend’.

The Waste Bank application offers a solution in user friendly interface to the waste problem in Indonesia.

We are startup engaged in Information Technology and offer creative solutions.

  • Purchase Report
  • Availability Alert
  • Sales Report
  • Waste Database
  • Realtime Price
  • Save trash into gold
  • Transfer to Wallet
  • Report Transactions
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Purchasing Catalogue
  • Transparant Pricing
  • Daily & Montly Report
  • Real time stock availability
  • Member is under APSI
  • Competitive Pricing


Ton per Year

We manage 28 tons/yr of recycling waste each waste bank


Ton per Year

We manage 65 tons of recycling waste from the Hospital


Waste Banks

We educate local waste banks to transform their opps to digital

“The team at Kompis is fabulous. They helped us unlock our potential online and offline. We have experienced year on year growth due to their progressive approach.”

Emil Kaburuan Phd.

CEO Kompis

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