Waste Bank Tech Integrate stakeholders from end customers, waste bank and recycle waste buyer. READ MORE BSF FARM We do research on BSF to produce large scale of maggot productions. READ MORE Management & Advisory By using integrated approach, we are actively invited to different society sharing our experiences. READ MORE
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Waste Bank Tech

From Local Wisdom of society, we develop integrated solutions to support all stakeholders. Nowdays Customers, Bank Sampah & Buyers of recycle waste are interconnected.

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  • BSF

New Era of Protein Source

We do research on BSF Fly by supply them our Organic Waste and the result is astonishing. We found potential new biomaterials where maggot not only for livestock in the future.

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Management & Advisory

We actively speak among communites, privates, NGO’s & government institution to educate how we use local wisdom and technolgoy as new approach of waste problem solutions.

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This is the new era where collaboration is a must.

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We create ecosystem to reduce WASTE up to 80% (60% organic and 20% recyclable).

To avoid more waste the landfills or ocean and promote circular economy for making green environment through Waste Bank.

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It is our passion to prepare new framework of thinking to our next generation the way of handling waste for preservation long lasting.


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